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Klassen Advanced Filtration Inc. © 2022

KLASSEN ADVANCED FILTRATION INC. - Canadian distributor for C.C.Jensen since 1994

The C.C.Jensen VRU is specially suited to not just mitigation and prevention of varnish related issues, but true removal of varnish from the oil as well as the internal surfaces of the oil system.

By working with the inherent nature of varnish, the specially formulated VRi varnish removal filter inserts become the perfect resting place for varnish to precipitate and collect, instead of the typical trouble areas in your turbine or oil system such as tanks, coolers, and servo valves.

Every VRU is sold with our “No Cure, No Pay” promise to give you complete confidence and ensure your lasting satisfaction.

Never wonder: where did the varnish go?

Filtration Rating: 3µm absolute

Flow Rate: 1,800 L/day

Removal of particles, moisture, soluble and insoluble varnish and degradation byproducts

CJC® Varnish Removal Unit (VRU)

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Every CJC VRU comes with the following items:

  • CJC Filter Housing
  • Drip pan skid base
  • Electronic control box
  • VRi Varnish removal filter inserts
  • Pre-filter sample point
  • Post-filter sample point
  • Oil chiller
  • Filter change indicator

Benefits of using the VRU include:

  • MPC less than 10
  • Improved oil & additive life
  • Lower operating temperature
  • Reduced turbine rotor vibrations
  • Smoother servo valve operation
  • Eliminate turbine trips
  • Less inline filter plugging
  • Improved air release properties

Common Applications

  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Slab & bale presses
  • Turbine control oil systems

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