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KLASSEN SPECIALTY HYDRAULICS INC. - Canadian distributor for C.C.Jensen since 1994


Filter inserts, accessories, spare parts

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Simple and effective water removal

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CJC™ Filter Separators are offline oil filtration and water separation systems with integrated circulating pumps for kidney-loop type installation. Filter Separators offer all the benefits of the Fine Filter plus continuous water separation through coalescing, removing:

•  Solid particles (dirt, wear metals)

•  Water (free and from non-stable emulsions)

•  Degradation by-products (varnish, sludge, resins)

Filter separators are best suited to oils less than 220 cSt.  For removal from higher viscosity oils, see the CJC Desorber product line.

When water makes an entrance, PTU makes it exit

Filtration Rating: 3µm absolute

Flow Rates: From 20 L/hr - 3,200 L/hr (depending on model)

PTU Models: 15/12, 15/25, 27/27, 27/54, 27/81, 27/108, multi-housing

PTU Filter Separators

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Every CJC Fine Filter comes with the following items:

  • CJC filter housing
  • CJC 3 micron absolute filter insert
  • Water coalescer section
  • Filter pump with integral relief valve
  • Electric motor
  • Pre-filter sample point
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Air vent bleed screw

Additional features may be added or adjusted to suit, including:

  • Automatic water discharger
  • Electronic controls
  • Mobile cart
  • Drip pan or drain tank base
  • Preheaters or coolers
  • Variable pump flow
  • Automatic viscosity compensation
  • Alternative pump drives (hydraulic or air motors)
  • Alternative oil supply (no pump or bypass block)
  • Pressure safety switch
  • Automatic or continuous air bleed

Common Applications

  • Hydraulic systems and HPU's
  • Steam turbines
  • Marine diesel fuel
  • Bearings (oil bath or pressure fed)
  • Paper machines
  • Presses

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