“The oil was filthy, stinky and was plugging oil filters on a regular basis before the VRU. Now it appears cleaner, filters are not plugging up, and the nasty smell is gone.”

-Gas compressor turbine operator, Alberta

CJC Filtration Systems

Your trusted solution for oil contamination control

Oil is the lifeblood of your equipment.  It lubricates, reduces friction, transmits power, sheds heat, and protects surfaces from wear and corrosion… but it also gets dirty.  

Contamination is responsible for 80% of failures in oil wetted systems, yet most of these failures are entirely preventable using proactive maintenance practices and effective filtration.  

C.C.JENSEN takes a unique approach to filtration.  By supplementing any given lube system with a dedicated CJC offline kidney loop filter, a much finer degree of filtration is possible, and our sophisticated cellulose depth media guarantees outstanding performance, long service life, and incredible value.

We take clean oil seriously because it matters.  It matters to the oil, it matters to your equipment, and it matters to the environment.